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Anna Borshchevskaya
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Title Publication Date
Russia's Self-Serving Approach to Syrian Peace Talks PolicyWatch August 18, 2015
Moral Clarity Is Needed In Countering Anti-Western Propaganda Forbes March 14, 2015
How Russia Views the Iran Nuclear Talks PolicyWatch March 12, 2015
Ahead Of Egypt Investment Conference, Cautious Optimism For Economic Reforms Forbes March 10, 2015
What to Expect from Syria Peace Talks in Moscow PolicyWatch January 23, 2015
Russians Mixed on Obama ISIL Speech The Washington Free Beacon September 12, 2014
Remember Putin's call to action against terrorism? The Hill August 27, 2014
On Russia's growing involvement in Iraq The Hill July 1, 2014
Economic Hardships Wrack Crimea Following Russian Annexation The Washington Free Beacon June 9, 2014
Russia Defends Reelection of Bashar Al-Assad as Fair The Washington Free Beacon June 5, 2014
Tokyo worries about US commitment to global leadership The Hill June 5, 2014
Ukraine Elections Free, Fair The Washington Free Beacon May 28, 2014
Russia-China Gas Deal: Operational Environment Watch May 2014
Tatarstan and Japan Increase Cooperation Operational Environment Watch May 2014
The Die Is Cast: Russia's Intentions in Ukraine Center for European Policy Analysis April 11, 2014
Tatars Debate Own Crimean Referendum The Washington Free Beacon March 26, 2014
Professors Who Fail to Support Putin Line on Crimea Fired The Washington Free Beacon March 24, 2014
Echoes of the Past The Washington Free Beacon March 20, 2014
West must do better on Ukraine than it did with Syria CNN Global Public Square March 10, 2014
Putin's Proposal for the EU to Join the Eurasian Economic Union Operational Environment Watch March 2014
Ukraine needs support of Western democracies The Hill February 26, 2014
The U.S. Must Lead on Ukraine National Review Online February 19, 2014
Beyond Sochi -- Putin, Russia losing battle with radical Islam Fox News February 7, 2014
Putin's Olympic Projections National Review Online February 6, 2014
Russia's growing Middle East influence CNN Global Public Square January 8, 2014
Lavrov's Visit to Tehran Strengthens Russia-Iran Operational Environment Watch January 2014
Russia Strengthens Its Presence in the Caucasus amidst Protests Operational Environment Watch January 2014
Where does Russia stand on Iran's nuclear deal? Al Arabiya December 8, 2013
The new Iran: all change or just more of the same? Al Arabiya November 10, 2013
Ukraine should steer clear of Soviet Union 2.0 CNN Global Public Square November 7, 2013
Egypt's Morsi Seeks Russian Loans and Tourists Operational Environment Watch June 2013
What Answers from Russian Experts Mean For Future of Russian Society Operational Environment Watch May 2013
Putin The Historian Forbes September 3, 2009
Russia's Non-Democracy The Washington Post April 20, 2009

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
Putin's Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia?
by Karen Dawisha
The Washington Free Beacon September 28, 2014

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